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Super Wex

Work Experience is really important

Super WEX is a new project that supports students in gaining valuable work experience. It combines classroom leaning with 315 hours (40-50 days) of meaningful ‘on-the-job’ experience. All costs covered by the College. Develop the skills employers and universities value.

By being part of Super WEX you will:   

  • Learn about a career while continuing your studies
  • Enhance your employability by acquiring essential skills
  • Get a valuable insight into an industry you are genuinely passionate about
  • Start building a professional network
  • Receive a certificate to enrich your portfolio

We will offer:

  • Help with CV writing
  • Interview practice
  • Help with travel (up to £10 per day) and with cost of lunch (up to £5 per day)
  • 35 hours of industry-related taster activities that will count towards your total hours
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"Work experience really helped me to understand what I want to do in the future. I really enjoyed it and learn lots of exciting things. I am now confident that I know what I want to do and that I can do it." Iulia Popa - Work Experience with Sticky

All 16-19 year old students on Level 2-3 study programmes are eligible!

For Employers

Benefits to employers

  • Strengthen your recruiting pipeline and increase diversity
  • Increased social inclusion leads to new business opportunities
  • Share with stakeholders how your business has supported local young people
  • Fresh ideas from Gen Z
  • Upskill existing employees
  • Extra resources for your projects at low cos
  • Inspire the next generation to work in your industry
  • Grow your own workforce with the skills you’ll need in the future

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with an array of employability skills

  • Creative thinking
  • Resilience – normalising and learning from mistakes
  • Team working - cooperative working, compromise, negotiation, flexibility, avoiding excessive blaming and taking responsibility
  • Problem solving
  • Self-reflection
  • Deeper thinking  - assessing, analysing and evaluating
  • Memory and recall 
  • Time management 
  • Organising 
  • Action planning 

For more information please email wex@ucg.ac.uk