City of Westminster College is committed to creating and maintaining a friendly, welcoming and safe learning environment for learners and staff. The safety and welfare of our learners is of great importance to us and we will protect all our students and staff whether learning is taking place on or off City of Westminster College premises.

We have a duty of care and a legal obligation to safeguard all learners and we will respond immediately if there is any concern that a learner may be the victim of abuse, harassment, bullying or neglect.

Designated Staff

Staff are appropriately recruited and trained and will take immediate action should there be a concern about a learner’s welfare.

Grethe Woodward – Vice Principal Quality of Education –

Nicola McLean – Assistant Principal for Student Support Services -

Diana Brown – Head of Student Support Services –

Email: and ask for one of the above members of staff.

Student Advisors

The College has a team of student advisors who support students alongside academic staff. They are integral to supporting learners and learners will often confide in them when personal issues arise.


The College operates an identity card system where all learners and staff wear lanyards and Identity cards. Visitors are issued with visible identification.


City of Westminster College emphasises the importance of respecting other people, whether staff, students or visitors to the College. We also emphasise respect for personal property and for College facilities. We ask all members of the College community to help us create an environment where everyone feels safe and valued and where they can work successfully to achieve their full potential.​

Safeguarding Policy

If you are concerned about the safety of a child (aged under 18 or a Vulnerable Adult) please email