SEND Local Offer (Mainstream Courses)

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If you have a medical condition that the College should be aware of, please complete the relevant form and return to the Information Centre.

Medical Protocal Pack 18 July 2017 16-18

Medical Protocal Pack 18 July 2017 ADULT

What do I do and who do I contact if I think your college might be right for my child?

There are a number of options available:

  • Apply for a course. You will be invited to disclose support needs during the application process. This will then trigger an invitation to meet a member of the Additional Learning Support Team to discuss support.
  • Contact the Additional Learning Support Team directly by telephoning 0207 258 2822 to make an appointment or by emailing

How does the college know if students need extra help?

There are several opportunities to disclose support needs at the college:

  • At the time of application by disclosing on the application form.
  • By contacting the Additional Learning Support Team directly using the contact details on this page.
  • At enrolment you will be invited to disclose any support needs.
  • Once on a course we have several measure in place to identify students who need extra help.

How will college staff support a student with special education needs?

The support put in place will depend upon the needs of the individual student.

Support might consist of:

  • In class support provided by learning support assistants.
  • 1:1 additional lessons with specialist teachers in the Additional Learning Support Team.
  • Access arrangements.
  • The loan of assistive software and technology where appropriate.
  • The provision of a Support Plan which would outline the support available.
  • All support measures will be negotiated with the young person and reviewed regularly.

What does the college curriculum look like?

All students between 16 and 18 will follow a Study Programme which will consist of the main programme (e.g. BTEC Business), and if required, English and Maths, Employability Skills are embedded within all of our mainstream programmes.

How does the college monitor the progress of my child?

We have strong systems in place to monitor progress. Every student will have a personal tutor. In addition, if your child has support needs they will have a 1:1 support tutors who will liaise with the course tutor about the progress of your child.

When will parents be able to discuss a child’s progress?

The college has 3 parents’ evenings; if your child is designated a High Needs Student they will have an Annual Review also. In addition, parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with course tutors and with the Additional Learning Support Team. You will be given direct lines for tutors and email addresses.

What support will there be for a child’s overall wellbeing and pastoral care?

At City of Westminster College the student’s overall wellbeing is of paramount importance. All students have an individual tutor and have access to a student advisor.

How does the college listen to students views?

The college values students’ views, and believes that they should actively participate in and take responsibility for their learning. Students are asked to complete learner surveys. Students elect a student representative who joins college forums and focus groups. Focus groups take place with the Director of Programmes and also with the Principal.

Students can always speak to any member of staff for example their course tutor, a learning support assistant or 1:1 support tutor.

Who can parents/carers contact for further information, or to raise concerns?

If parents/carers have concerns about their child’s learning, progress and support within college, they should contact the tutor in the first instance. They can also contact their Head of School, Head of Additional Learning Support Team or Head of Learner Services.

How are students’ medical needs addressed in college?

Students must disclose their medical needs to learner services and support plans will be put together where appropriate. 

What training will the staff supporting children and young people with SEND have had or receive?

Staff receive training in safeguarding, and supporting learners with SEND. In addition they will receive training for the particular needs of a student e.g autism, epilepsy.

How will students be included in activities outside the classroom, including college trips?

This will depend upon the course the student has enrolled upon. Any visits or trip offsite requires tutors and teachers to carry out risk assessments. Students who are receiving in class support from a learning support assistant will have that support on any trip or visit.

Does the college offer work experience and any vocational opportunities?

Employability is an integral and important aspect of all study programmes and all students will be offered work placements and vocational opportunities. Support on a work experience placement will be organised in conjunction with the Additional Learning Support Team.

How accessible is the college environment?

The Paddington Green Campus is completely accessible.

How will the college prepare and support a child when they finish their course?

The destination and progress of all students is very important and tutors work with the careers adviser to plan progression. All level 3 students who are applying for university will receive help with their UCAS personal statements from the careers adviser and if applying for the Disabled Student Allowance will receive help from their Additional Learning Support Tutor.