Financial Support for 19+ Year-olds

Are the costs associated with study (e.g. travel, books or equipment) preventing you from studying? You may be eligible for financial support from the College’s Learner Support Fund (LSF) or 19+ Advanced Learning Loan Bursary Fund (19+ALL BF).

Eligibility for help towards course associated costs are based on your personal circumstances. In addition to demonstrating that you are on a low income, you must also meet the College’s general eligibility criteria. All financial support is allocated on a discretionary basis and being eligible does not guarantee funding.

General Eligibility Criteria

Learner Support Fund:

  • Aged 19 or over
  • Considered to be a home student
  • Fully enrolled on a course funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency

19+ Advanced Learning Loan Bursary Fund: 

  • Aged 19 or over
  • Fully enrolled on a programme of study and in receipt of a 19+ Adult Learning Loan 

Financial eligibility

You need to have evidence that you are:

  • on a low income or
  • a dependent of someone who is on a low income or in receipt of a means tested benefit e.g. Universal Credit, Income Support / Jobseekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit etc. or
  • in receipt of NASS financial support.

The evidence you will be required to produce:

  • a current JSA/U.C/ Income Support/Pension Credit letter or a Tax Credit Award Notice showing income for tax year 2020-21. Or a Housing Benefit letter which specifies the DWP benefit being received or
  • evidence of income may be a 2020-21 P60/Tax Return/recent pay-slips showing income evidence from previous two months from which the income can be calculated. Alternatively a signed letter/contract from the employer(s) stating the monthly salary or
  • evidence of rent or mortgage in order for your disposable income to be assessed or
  • evidence of current NASS financial support if you are an asylum seeker.


Payments contribute to study costs. They do not meet all the costs. If you live within walking distance (within 2 miles) of college or have a Freedom pass you cannot apply for help with travel. Asylum seekers who are in receipt of NASS support will be provided with in kind support (bus tickets) and not monetary funds. Approved applicants will receive a set allocation distributed throughout the year and based on mode of study full or part time. Payments will be towards the cost of travel, books/equipment and online learning costs. All payments are based on you having a minimum of 87% attendance to face to face and online learning as well as completion of set work each month. Payments are paid into your bank account.

You MUST inform the DWP of any payments you receive.

Contact for more information.