Financial Support for 19+ Year-olds

Students aged between 19 years old or over at the start of their course can apply for this fund. This support is only available for courses up to Level 2 only.

The student’s gross annual household income needs to be £30,000 or less.

Support Available: 

Fees Award (courses up to Level 2)

Can contribute up to 90% towards the cost of their course. Students would need to pay the initial 50% of the cost of the course in order to enrol.

Travel Award

The student needs to live more than a 15-minute walk away from the College to apply. Travel support will be a contribution for the number of days the student is timetabled to attend College.

Childcare Award 

Childs Age Weekly Allowance

6 months to 23 months £210.00 per week

2 years and over £180.00 per week

Students can only apply for childcare support for a maximum of 2 children. The childcare provider needs to be Ofsted Registered and students need to provide full birth certificate(s).

Material/Books Award

A one-off payment either paid to the department or directly to the student’s bank account within the academic year.

High Kit Costs Material Support Award

Discretionary bursary is award for material, equipment and books (Book where the option to loan the book from the library is not available)

Applying for Hardship/Financial Support Checklist 


Students need to fully complete an application form and provide all supporting evidence.

To apply, please click the link below:

IIf you are aged 19-21 not working and living with parent /guardian, you will need to provide evidence of parent(s) /guardian(s) benefits or salaries (payslips).

  • Full birth certificates (for children)
  • Completed childcare form (available on the pay my student account or collect from the Student Finance & Welfare Team)


Payments contribute to study costs. They do not meet all the costs. If you live within walking distance of 15 minute to the college or have a Freedom pass you cannot apply for help with travel. Asylum seekers who are in receipt of NASS support will be provided with in kind support (bus tickets) or monetary funds if they have a bank account in their own name. Approved applicants will receive a set allocation distributed throughout the year and based on mode of study full or part time. Payments will be towards the cost of travel, books/equipment and online learning costs. All payments are based on you having a minimum of 87% attendance to face to face and online learning as well as completion of set work each month. Payments are paid into your bank account.

You MUST inform the DWP of any payments you receive.