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We are located in Central London and we are currently the top college for apprenticeships. In addition, we also offer over 200 courses across a wide range of both vocational and academic subjects. City of Westminster College has specialist facilities including, science labs, motor vehicle workshops, photography studios, a theatre and TV and Radio studios.  We're Ofsted rated 'Good', part of the United Colleges Group and proud to be the first choice for students across Greater London.

Our e-learning manager Esam will be the opening keynote speaker at the Microsoft 'Hack the classroom

Esam Baboukhan, our e-learning manager has been selected to be the opening keynote speaker at the Microsoft ‘Hack the classroom’ event. Hack the Classroom is an annual event to empower educators to incorporate new ideas and tools into the classroom.  This year’s event will be held at the ISTE in Chicago.

This year’s theme is personalizing learning experiences to empower every student to find his or her voice.

Esam Baboukhan has found creative ways to promote and celebrate the student voice and create an inclusive learning environment where every student’s voice is heard.  Esam has recently been featured in a video called ‘what is voice’ in which he used technology to overcome the barriers in communicating with all his learners, especially with one student that has a hearing impairment.  

You can join Esam live for #HacktheClassroom, an exciting live webcast designed to ignite and celebrate new ideas. This year, it’s happening live from #ISTE18 on June 26th at 6:15 CT! For the latest info on this inspiring event, head to the blog and sign up here.  

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