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The salon:collective's classes in Meisner Technique are headed up by Dominic Kelly. Dom is the artistic director of the salon:collective and has taught the technique for over eight years.

Based on Meisner’s own text analysis system and then David Mamet’s system of Practical Aesthetics, you will be immersed in Gaby Santinelli’s clever and dynamic blending of the two. Using intellect to be simple, not complicated, and your emotions, this system is fool proof.

You will learn how to convert text, seemingly complex and full of options, into readings and performances that are strong, emotionally true, and dynamic. You will also learn how to prepare yourself emotionally for a scene using your imagination.

These skills are instantly applicable to any text that may get thrown at you; your ability to prepare for sight reading, auditions and rehearsals will grown ten-fold.

Students have progressed to:

Meisner Stage 3: Character, Monologues & Scene Work

Meisner Stage 2: Improvisation & Relationships,

Meisner Technique Drop Ins

Please note:

Completion of Meisner Stage 1: Introduction is required to take part in this course

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Please contact The Cockpit on 020 7258 2925 or email classes@thecockpit.org.uk

Entry Requirements

Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required.