Introduction to Fashion Drawing 1 - Basic Drawing Techniques


  • Adults (Part-time)


Course Content

This informative Short Course introduces beginners to the exciting world of Fashion Drawing. If you have creative fashion ideas and would like to easily draw them on paper this course offers a great learning opportunity. Basic techniques will be learned and various colour media will be experimented with.

Week 1:  

Warm-up activity – anatomical drawing exercises – adult male and female figures

Week 2: 

Analytical and Observational Drawing 1 - using coloured pencils
Use of Grid method and coloured image reference for multi-coloured tonal shading
Explanation and demonstration of shading/blending techniques. Viewing of examples.

Week 3: 

Analytical and Observational Drawing 2 – using a variety of mediums.
Introduction to drawing mediums and viewing of examples.
Fashion drawing techniques explained and experimented with. 

Week 4:

Drawing 1 - rapid-sketch brainstorming exercises using fabric swatches.
Drawing 2 – development and formalisation of garment sketches as flat drawings

Week 5: 

Drawing 3 – refinement of sketches.
Rapid sketching exercises using brainstorming methods and rough sketches
Theme board research - magazines, internet, newspapers, journals.

Week 6: 

Paper Collage - Creating a Theme, Concept or Mood board
Understanding the uses of theme-boards in the design process
Using cut and paste methods with paper images to represent concepts

The Course is suitable and ideal for those who would like to develop basic fashion drawing skills to help express their ideas
Those in the industry who wish to revise basic drawing skills
Those wishing to prepare visual diaries and folios

Materials Required:

A3 Visual diary, HB, 2B or 3B grey lead pencils, eraser, ruler, sharpener, black fine-liners and coloured pencils selection. For week 3 fabric rendering, printed or textured fabrics as swatches. For week 5 an individual garment to be brought in

None – only a wish for expressing your ideas and developing your flair

Course Outcome :

Experimentation is recommended and after 6 weeks, with practice, the learner will gain confidence in being able to apply clothing and fashion ideas to paper. This course may be considered a pre-cursor and advantage for Fashion Design studies. 


As an illustrator, Mark has a particular interest in fashion drawing techniques. He was invited to illustrate 2011-2012 seasonal forecasts for Fashion Trend Forecasting Magazine and professionally, has illustrated projects for advertising and image campaigns. An enthusiastic instructor, he is delighted to share his Fashion, Textiles and Costume industry knowledge with those who share a passion for learning Illustration.

For further information call Rosa Mauger on 020 7258 7253 or email

(Course starts January 2019)

What are the expected employment areas with this course?

Creative Arts, Fashion

Entry Requirements

None – only a wish for expressing your ideas and developing your flair.