Introduction to Home & Studio Recording with Logic Pro


  • Adults (Part-time)
  • 2 hours per week


This course runs on Tuesday evenings, 6.30-8.30pm.
The course fee is £150.

Course Content
This course will allow participants to explore the fundamentals of music technology. Students will learn about sound from a scientific standpoint, and see how this relates to the recording & production environment. Covering everything from microphone technique & mixing consoles, to live recording, mixing & mastering, this course offers the basics on the path to becoming a music producer.

Week 1: Basic Sound and Acoustics Theory

This session will explore the basics of sound theory and musical acoustics. We will understand what sound is and how it behaves.
•Sound Propagation
•Frequency & Harmonics
•Types of Signals

Week 2: Microphones

This session focuses on various types of microphones, their uses and how they differ. We will also look at techniques pertaining to different instruments and how this affects recorded sound. We will learn about maintenance of microphones and leads, and the correct way to set up mics/stands.

•Microphone types
•Placement and techniques
•Frequency Response
•Directional Characteristics
•Phantom Power


Week 3: Home vs Studio recording

This session is focused on the equipment central to a recording studio, how to use it and what you can use instead of it in your own home studio.

We will also delve into the multitude of formats that have existed since the development of recorded sound.

•Mixing desks
•Audio interfaces
•Monitor speakers

Recording Formats

•The history of recording
•Analogue Tape
•Digital Audio Tape
•DAWs and Standalone HD

Week 4: Basic Multitrack recording

Incorporating what we have learnt from earlier sessions about mic technique and sound theory, we will create our own recording. We’ll look at foldback and integrating audio with MIDI instruments.
•Recording drums, guitars & vocals
•Experimenting with mic techniques
•Recording in different environments

Week 5: Understanding the basics of Logic and Pro Tools

This session will allow participants to get familiar with  Pro Tools and Logic recording software packages. We will discuss the advantages of each over other DAWs, and gain a basic understanding of how to use them. Woking with pre-recorded stems, students will get a chance to edit and balance a session.

•Building a Session
•Mix Window
•Edit Window
•Tools & Shortcuts
•Basic Editing
•Balancing & Panning

Week 6: Mixdown

The final session will allow us to perform a mix on what have recorded in the previous weeks. We will cover the basics of mixing and look at techniques of professional mix engineers. We will also touch on mastering and show students how to create a “rough master” for the purpose of demos or testing the mix in a club.

•Mixing techniques
•The basic principles of mastering



Matti Gardner studied Music Technology at Huddersfield and York Universities, collaborating and  creating interactive A/V installations, and exploring new methods of computer composition. He worked for three years as Studio Manager at the Purcell School for young musicians in Bushey and currently teaches at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, Greenwich.

For further information please contact Rosa Mauger on 020 7258 7253 or email

What qualification do I get on completing this course?

Introduction to Studio Recording and Engineering

What are the expected employment areas with this course?

Sound Engineer

Entry Requirements

Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required.