T Level visit to AOG 247

T Level Digital Production, Design and Development students visited recently AOG 247 a global supplier of engines for aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Students got to tour the facilities – witnessing their component production line and reviewing their technology resources and experienced a half day of “life in the office”. They also had the opportunity to chat with the CEO, discussing how technology plays a big part in their operations, and seeing how it fits with the T Level course teaching.

Going forward, a number of CWC students will get the chance to carry out work experience at AOG 247 as part of their T Level program.

Some of our student said the following:

“I really enjoyed our time at AOG 247.We got to witness the workshop where David and his team operate and were given an opportunity to visit the online area, match products and enter this into their database”.

“AOG 247 was really interesting and very different. We were shown the different engines that are currently been shipped to Germany and found out the value of a single blade of a Rolls-Royce Engine”.