Students Take Flight: A Journey in Travel & Tourism

Embarking on a hands-on adventure, Travel & Tourism students at the Paddington Campus recently joined forces with CNG World Services to transform their classroom into a bustling travel agency. Over the span of two dynamic weeks, they delved deep into the world of travel, honing their skills and preparing for the realities of the industry.

From the outset, students immersed themselves in every facet of the travel agent role. They rolled up their sleeves to craft captivating promotional materials, set up service counters brimming with excitement, and curated bespoke travel packages tailored to diverse tastes and preferences. Through these immersive experiences, they not only grasped the nuances of the profession but also cultivated invaluable skills crucial for success in the real world.

Olesia Lysa, one of the participating students said: “I really appreciate the opportunity to work in a travel agency where I learned how to communicate with customers, make reservations, develop itineraries, book flight tickets and hotels, etc. I have developed a deeper understanding of the travel industry after the event.”

Another student, Analey Mascarenhas said: “This was one the most rewarding work experiences I have ever had. It was interesting and fascinating to go through tasks like booking flights and hotels, as well as calculating ATOL and 10%.”