Student enterprise challenge - Launch Pad

Volunteers from Young Enterprise, KPMG and Mastercard visited the Paddington campus of the City of Westminster College today and delivered an enterprise event – Launch Pad - to over 80 students from the whole of the United Colleges Group.

Launch Pad is an enterprise challenge that builds a clearer understanding of work and promotes enterprising attitudes and skills. It’s a fast paced, engaging enterprise challenge that provides an introduction to employability skills. Students worked alongside the volunteers who helped the students to identify and develop key workplace skills. Through a series of hands on, fun activities students worked in teams on the early stages of launching a fledgling business, balancing a budget as well as creating a brand identity and marketing strategy. Students learnt about their personal strengths and preferences and what this means for both working in a team and for their own development. Throughout the day the students learnt the importance of teamwork and about different roles that contribute to running a business.

One students said: “It has been interesting, learning about the different steps of setting up a new business”. Another added: “It was good to work with students from other courses”.