New Changemaker Studios at Maida Vale

City of Westminster College has unveiled an innovative new workspace at its Maida Vale campus.

The Changemaker Studios: Westminster will provide young people in London with a wide range of courses, programmes, bootcamps, and events delivered by Unloc.

Created in partnership by Unloc, Verizon Business, Westminster City Council, and the United Colleges Group, the new space will be used to encourage young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

In keeping with City of Westminster College’s ethos, the studios will also place diversity, equality, and inclusion at the heart of its offering.

City of Westminster College, and the whole United Colleges Group, sends its sincerest thanks to all its valued partners for their role in making this space possible and looks forward to its students being fully engaged in its use.

Stephen Davis, Group Principal and CEO of the United Colleges Group, said:

“This development is most welcome and I’m delighted to see it taking shape.

“I am confident that our students will seize this opportunity and will learn a lot from engaging with it.

“Our whole college community sends our thanks to all our valued partners who have been crucial in creating this valuable space and we look forward to working with them fully in the future.”