Ecology project at CWC

Recently, our English for Work Entry 3 students took part in an ecology project at our Maida Vale Campus. As a result of the project, students wrote an article highlighting environmental issues. 

The Earth is in danger now: the air pollution is rising to the high levels, the South Pole is starting to melt and the plastic is damaging the natural environment. 

We produce too much plastic, but we don’t recycle enough. It affects the state of oceans and the marine and wildlife too. Human begins with their noxious activities produce too much gases emitted into the atmosphere. This causes global warming: the ozone hole is becoming bigger allowing the sun rays penetrate through the air freely and warming our planet excessively. This also causes the icebergs melting impacting badly on the oceans levels and marine life. 

To prevent from the global warming and other environmental issues all people should recycle more and reduce the production of plastic. We also should increase the usage of green energy such as water, wind or sunshine. The governments and all other authorities should support the researchers and scientists in the friendly ecological solutions for our world.