Guest speaker Malu

Last week, former student Malu, visited our Fine Art students as a guest speaker.

Malu completed the UAL Extended Diploma specialising in Fine Art and progressed onto the Slade last year which was an incredible accomplishment. 

Malu came to present, talk, do tutorials and support Fine Art students. She worked with students on their portfolios, sketchbooks and practical work and gave advice on progression routes and life after college. “Seeing Malu has been an insightful journey within following her progress throughout year 2 and her first year as an undergraduate at the Slade” Said Grace, current student at CWC.

Malu said, “It’s great to work with students and to reflect back on where I was a year ago and to support students back at college” 

“Malu gave the students an insight into life at art school and after college which has been invaluable and wonderful to watch and see today. Regardless of outer college struggles students have regained confidence in the Fine Art studios and can replicate that in real life” Said Hazel Dance, Fine Art Lecturer.