Inspirational talk delivered to CWC students by Akala

Dr Akala, Hip Hop Artist, writer and educator, visited CWC to chair a debate with our students. The topic of the debate was “Working on Youth Led Solutions to Youth Crime”. His team are working towards a summer conference on the issues surrounding youth crime.

Zulaikha Smart-Regan, student at City of Westminster College said, “Akala’s speech was extremely powerful and influential; it showed that there are people aware of the issues we face as a generation and that people are willing to help reduce our issues as they understand what we face as young people. As a young female of mixed heritage, raised in a Black African family and community, I have witnessed lack of opportunity which can lead to choosing the wrong paths in life to try and better yourself. Through Akala’s talk session and what I have experienced as a young 16 year old female, I have decided that, “It Is Time To Find Something To Live For, Not Something To Die For!” Only when we do that will we achieve and progress to a better lifestyle. It’s time to change the way we think and treat each other!” 

If you are interested in participating then please get in touch with our Enrichment team at CWC.