Visa Entry Criteria and on Course Information for International Students
Tier 4 General Student Visa. 
You can re-apply in the country if you already live here as a student and want an extension or you can apply directly from abroad to the local British High Commission office.
1. Applicants must provide the following at application and offer stage:

  • Applicants must be aged 16 or older
  • Make available a copy of your passport and current any visa held
  • Must undertake a course at Level 3 or above
  • Must produce copies of all educational transcripts (qualifications) in support of your application
  • Must provide a covering letter to support your application
  • Be prepared to undertake a 1:1 face to face or Skype Interview in order to demonstrate your ability to communicate in English at a level appropriate to your course/programme of study.
  • Must provide confirmation of your English ability by producing an IELTS English Certificate with an overall pass mark of at least 5.0 for the International Foundation Year and for all other courses 5.5 or above.  This must be a UKVI academics test and come from an approved centre.
  • Confirm the ability to afford the fees. If you are being sponsored by a Government, employer, or parent or choosing to self –fund the course confirmation must be in writing.
  • Provide a copy of Financial Transcripts (bank statement) indicating the amount of funds in the account. This must be in Pounds Sterling and must show all transactions for 28 days. You must be able to show you have at least £1265 per month for the duration of the course (overall £12650 minimum) plus tuition fees.
  • Payment of full tuition fees before a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study Letter is issued (CAS) i.e. when the offer is confirmed.
  • Obtain an NHS Surcharge number which is evidence that you have paid £200 for a 1-year programme or £150 per year for a 2-year programme, (ie £300) towards the cost of access to the NHS (National Health Service).  Payment will be required at the time of applying for your Visa.

If your Visa is refused, a full refund will be given less an administration charge of £150.

2. Course entry criteria

  • Meet the course entry criteria as listed in the course information sheet/prospectus.
  • Confirm career plan
  • Demonstrate commitment to completing the course of study
  • Undertake entry assessment (if applicable).


3. On course

Maintain all your Visa requirements, including converting your 30-day temporary visa stamp to a BRP (British Residency Permit) within 30 days of arrival in the UK at an approved Post Office.  Evidence of this MUST be provided before your enrolment is complete. Failure to do this will require us to notify the Home Office.

  • Demonstrate good attendance and punctuality whilst studying.
  • Make successful progress on the course once enrolled.
  • Notify the College of any change in your circumstances, such as your address and contact details.

Failure to comply with any of the above will require us to notify the Home Office.
Further information can be obtained by visiting the Home Office website at
Information is updated frequently – please check regularly.