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We are located in Central London and we are currently the top college for apprenticeships. In addition, we also offer over 200 courses across a wide range of both vocational and academic subjects. City of Westminster College has specialist facilities including, science labs, motor vehicle workshops, photography studios, a theatre and TV and Radio studios.  We're Ofsted rated 'Good', part of the United Colleges Group and proud to be the first choice for students across Greater London.

Politician Shaun Bailey delivered an inspirational talk to our students

Recently, politician Shaun Bailey delivered a talk to our Maths and English students highlighting the importance of education and shared his personal journey. 

Shaun started the talk by sharing his inspirational story on how he became a special adviser to the Prime Minister. He found common ground with all of our students, told them all about his struggles during his teenage years and explained how he managed to overcome everything and get to where he is today. 

The politician then emphasised the importance of confidence, attitude and self-discipline in the world of work and how to use it to become successful. He told the students what he looks for in an employee and provided them with tips, which they can use in the future. He also covered topics of: self-worth, self-belief and the power of starting today no matter where you are and taking one step at a time. The talk ended with a Q&A where Shaun made sure the students asked their questions confidently and explained why this is so important.  

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