IELTS (April start, Evening)


  • Adults (Part-time)
  • 4 hours per week


Will the course give me what I want?

Course content

The Course is designed to prepare you for the IELTS (International Language Testing System) exam which is an international standardised test of English language proficiency. You will have an exam booked for you.

Outline of skills and knowledge

English language reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at level 2 and above.

What have students who have taken this course in the past progressed to?

Students have progressed to various universities other academic courses and better jobs in the UK and internationally.

How will I learn?

You will learn in class through inspiring language learning activities which will include pair, small group and individual work. You’ll be provided with a wide range of resources that are tailor made for your needs. You’ll be given homework after each session and relevant websites.

Is there additional work required by the student?

How much time should I be expected to spend on assignments, projects, field trips etc

At least 2 hours per week on homework and directed tasks.

Awarding Body

Entry Requirements

What qualifications or skills do I need to show I have before I can enrol?

Students must sit English language competency test before being accepted on to the course.

Expected prior knowledge

Your English will need to be assessed at Level 1 or above for reading, writing.

English level

Level 1

Mathematics level


Equipment and other costs

Your teacher may ask you to buy a text book