Art History for Beginners - Art in London


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The production and display of works of art is fundamental to the life of contemporary cities. As a leader in the global art market, London is no exception. The present wealth of world-leading museums, galleries, auction houses, fairs and art schools is the latest expression of many centuries development. Together, we will explore this history of art in London, looking at the people, episodes and institutions that have shaped and represented the cultural life of the capital: from William Hogarth’s satirical attacks on late 18th Century morality, to the YBA’s (Young British Artists) controversial blurring of artworks and lifestyles in the 1990’s; and from major national collections like the British Museum and the Tate, to more intimate and challenging spaces such as Sir John Soane’s Museum and the Serpentine Gallery. Most importantly, we will discuss theories and events that help us to situate, evaluate and appreciate art up to the present day – providing a framework for thinking about and appreciating what the capital city has to offer.

The course will proceed as a series of lectures followed by group discussions. Students will receive handouts for each session and slides will be used during lectures. Students will be encouraged to present ideas for the class and to visit relevant collections and exhibitions where possible. Two classes will comprise visits to art institutions in London, with the decision as to where being made following discussion with the class.

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Creative Arts

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Suitable for everyone, no previous experience required.