CWC students take part in Employability workshop with Lloyds Bank

Recently, BTEC Level 3 IT and Health and Social Care students took part in an 'Apprentice Challenge' facilitated by a team of senior manager volunteers from the Lloyds Banking Group. Students were split into small teams and were given the task of creating an app, before presenting it to the whole group at the end of the day. 

Students were required to think of an innovative app, take on different roles including technical manager, financial manager, team leader, marketing manager and sales manager, develop their ideas and pitch it. The various ideas ranged from glasses/specs fitting to dating to life planners to others. 

"This was a great opportunity to engage with and support students ahead of their UCAS or Apprenticeship applications for next year" Said Derek James Leighton, lead volunteer.

"The workshops were truly inspirational. Our learners demonstrated 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving and creativity. Students were engaged and it was a joy to see and listen to their ideas and presentations.  Well done to all the organisers.” Said Esam Baboukhan, CWC’s E-learning Manager.