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Applications FAQs

We know applying to College is a big decision to make and we would like to make the process as easy as possible for you. We've collated the questions we get asked the most and listed them below. FAQs are frequently asked questions.

Who can apply? 

We have courses for all ages, however each year we intake a large number of 16-18 year olds.  The majority of our students are full-time, studying A-level or BTEC courses. We consider ourselves to be general access college for London and we do not prioritize applicants who live in particular boroughs. However, we prefer to offer places to those who live within a reasonable travelling distance. 


Higher Education Courses – Do I need to apply through UCAS?

It is preferable that you apply through UCAS.


International Applicants

Please follow the link to our international page on the college website


How do I apply online? 

To apply for a course, simply navigate to the course you would like to apply for and click the big red "apply" button on the right hand side of the screen. Then fill in the form. Please make sure you include your qualifications or predicted grades. In regards to your Personal Statement, we value quality over quantity and it should include why you want to study the course.  Please also use this to inform us of anything which you cannot include elsewhere on the form, but that you feel is important for your application.

What if I want a paper application form? 

Please contact us at, telephone us on 020 7258 2721 or visit us at our Paddington Green Campus or our Maida Vale Campus for a paper application form.


I've completed an online application or I've sent in a paper application. What happens next? 

We will be in contact with you to either ask you to come in for an interview, or we will send you an offer.


Can I change the course I applied for after I have submitted my application?

If you would like to change the course you have applied for, please email informing us which course you would like to change to.


What happens if a subject is cancelled?

This happens very rarely. If we have to withdraw a subject we would do our utmost to provide you with a suitable alternative.  At application stage and after offer, we will contact you to let you know the reasons for the change


How do I get to my interview?

Click this link to view transport links to our Paddington Green Campus


What do I need to bring?

If you have a reference from your school/employer please do bring this or use the template we provide and ask your school to stamp it.  You may be asked to bring your art portfolio or a sample of music.  For an audition you will need to prepare a piece to perform.

Use the following links to download a copy of our reference form.

16-18yrs old -  Reference Form

19+yrs old - Reference Form

Completed forms should be returned to Admissions, City of Westminster College, Paddington Green Campus, Paddington Green, Westminster, London, W2 1NB or emailed to


I can’t make the date/time I have been offered in my interview letter. Is it possible to rearrange? 

Yes, just contact us on, and we'll be able to rearrange the interview for you. Please let us know at least 5 working days before your appointment or soon as possible so that we can offer your slot to another applicant.


When will I hear whether I have a conditional place or not? 

We aim to let everyone know the outcome of their application as soon as possible. We do generally let people know at interview but the letter confirming this can take a little longer.


What sort of offer can I expect? 

Most of our offers are conditional on your GCSE results but we can also ask for portfolio of art work or written work. Our offers are based on our individual courses. Please see the relevant page on our website for specific entry criteria. Some course areas like Performing Arts may require an audition.  We do also offer unconditional places if you have prior qualifications.  We also might refer you to another course and we do occasionally we are unable to offer a place and will write to you with the explanation.

I've received an offer without an interview, is this correct?

Yes, if we feel that your application is strong and your predicted or achieved grades are correct for the course you have applied for, we can progress straight to making you an offer.

I've received an offer, but I still want an interview, is this possible? 

Yes, just contact us on, and we will be able to arrange an interview for you at our next session.

Can I change course after I have been offered a place?

We will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee this since other courses may be full. If you change to course in a different area, for example from ICT to business you will need to submit another application.  If you wish to change courses following the publication of GCSE results, this will depend on the availability of places but we are often able to do this.


I’ve been offered a place on a different course; why? Based on your application or interview, we may feel that an alternative course or different level would be more suitable than your original choice and make you an offer accordingly. We can often review this at enrolment.

What happens if I do not reach the offer conditions?

If you do not make your predicted grades we will offer you a place on an alternative course or level. Please do ask or come to the dates advertised as Open Enrolment.


What happens if I decide not to take up my place?

You would need to let us know if you wish to withdraw as soon as possible, either by email or during the Enrolment process or by returning your Enrolment pack on GCSE results day, indicating that you do not wish to take up your place. 


Can I enrol if I was not initially selected for interview?

Yes, you can apply after GCSE results day by coming into our Paddington Green Campus with your GCSE results during our Open Enrolment period. You must still have met our minimum entry criteria. However we consider current applicants before new or re-applications. Courses can fill up over the enrolment period. Please remember this when booking your summer holiday.


Are there any fees (16-18)?

If you are 16-18 years old and choose to study on a government funded course there is no fees to pay.  This does not apply to HE courses where there are fees to pay.  However, there are HE loans available. To be exempt, partially exempt or receive a loan for payment of fees you must qualify as a Home Student

Are there any fees (19+)?

Fee exemption for Adults (aged 19 or older on 31st August, 2017) are complex and can depend on your benefits status, your age, your highest level of achievement, and the level of course you are intending to study.  All adults will be formally fee assessed during the enrolment process.  If you are seeking fee exemption on the basis that you are claiming Means Tested Benefit (MTB), you will need evidence for this.  MTBs include Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Universal Credit and Employment Support Allowance (WRAG category), evidence must be dated no more than three months before the start of your course.  MTBs are not available to study a Level 3 or higher course    for which fees may be applied, however, Advanced Learning Loans are available. To be exempt, partially exempt or receive a loan for payment of fees you must qualify as a Home Student

What is a Home Student?

A Home Student is someone who has been normally and legally resident in the European Economic Area for the last 3 years.  The evidence for this can be a passport or ID card, your Birth Certificate (UK born citizens only), Home Office documents, a solicitor’s letter or any other documents you hold that would establish your residency status. 


What criteria are used when selecting for offer or interview?

The criteria include your academic potential and predicted grades, journey to College, school report or references, combination of subjects, your contribution to your current school or place of employment and participation in extra-curricular activities.  Please be aware that in most years the College has been heavily oversubscribed and we cannot guarantee to interview all applicants even if they meet our minimum criteria.


If I get a waiting list place what are my chances?  

This varies from year to year and often depends on which subjects are wanted. It is not possible to put any sort of figure on this. The more flexible you are about your subject choices, the more likely it is that we can fit you in. If you are keen to have a place, let us know after the GCSE results are published.


What does it mean if I am called for interview later than someone else or I don't have an interview?

We have so many applications that we spread interviews throughout the year. Different subjects hold interviews at different times.


If I change my mind about a course once I have started can I change?  

This may be possible but any changes must be requested very quickly and will depend on space availability and your grade profile.

Do we operate any quotas when selecting students?  

Each applicant is judged on their merits and we will not use quotas when offering places. However, during the enrolment period courses can fill up.