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Performing Arts Auditions

Photo: Dance Showcase 2015: A Recreation of Bob Fosse's The Rich Man's Frug


Auditioning for Performing Arts at City of Westminster College


Welcome to Performing Arts at City of Westminster College. We are pleased you have chosen to audition for us and look forward to meeting you and seeing your work.

This page contains the information you need to know, to ensure your audition is the best it can be.


During the Audition

You will be asked to perform - with confidence - your chosen audition material to one or more course tutors, and sometimes other candidates.

This is followed by a short interview with a course tutor.


Your Audition Piece

For your audition, you choose whether to act, sing or dance. Please select and prepare one of the following:



Please learn and stage the gender neutral monologue below. There is no character name, or any information, so you will need to decide what you think is going on, who the character is talking to and stage it using your imagination.


You wanna know my favourite bit? This always happens. It’s

always hilarious. You’ll see them talking about their loss.

Maybe their child has been abducted. Or they lost a lover in

a terrorist attack. Or a natural disaster. Or just, you know, in

the general course of, of, of, of –




Of life, precisely. And they always do this! They’ll be talking

perfectly normally. They’ll be talking with real grace and often

they’ll be, they’ll be, it’s like they’ll be –




Happy, yes. But then the thought of their lost one, of their

child or their lover or their colleague, hits them like a train.

And their voices catch in their throats and they can’t carry on.

Tears well up in their eyes. And what we do is, we stay with

them. Every time. We hold them in our gaze for a good twenty

seconds before the cut. It has become a formula. That, for me,

is one of the highest achievements of our ti




If you identify as male – learn and stage STARS from Les Miserables

If you identify as female – learn and stage ON MY OWN from Les Miserables

You should be prepared to sing both accompanied and unaccompanied.

These tracks are widely available. 



Please prepare a piece of contemporary dance of between 1-2 minutes based on the theme of Discovery.

You should bring your accompanying music that can be played on CD or iPhone/iPod.


What to Bring

·       Evidence of previous qualifications or predicted grades

·       Reference/s, if you have any

·       A portfolio of work (such as photographs of previous shows, achievements, etc.) if you have one

·       A copy of an essay that you have written within the last year


Be Prepared

·       Read about the range of performing arts courses we offer on our website or in our prospectus

·       Think about what you want to tell us about yourself in your audition – what experience and skills do you have that we might be looking for?

·       Plan your journey ahead of your audition to ensure you arrive on time

·       Spend time preparing your audition material – if you can, show it to a friend or teacher, so that you can get feedback


What to Wear

Wear clothing that you are able to comfortably perform your audition piece in. We recommend loose bottoms and tops and flat shoes or pumps, with long hair tied back off the face.


Where to Go

Arrive at least 10 minutes early for your audition, so that you are not rushing.

When you arrive at the College, please report to Reception, where you will be directed to the relevant room.


If you have any questions about your audition that are not answered here, please contact one of the teaching team at

If you are unable to attend, you should contact College Admissions directly.