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To help you with our Parents Portal, below are three useful videos which give an overview of what you might see once you've gained access.



 Video 1




 Video 2




 Video 3




How do I access the Parents Portal?

To access the site, click the main link on our Parents Portal page. This will open a new browser window. You will then need to enter the username and password we sent you.

The link doesn't open a new browser window?

Please ensure you are using the latest browser for your computer or mobile device and you have enabled pop-ups within your browser settings.

My username or password isn't working? 

Please make sure you have capslock turned off on the device you are using and you are entering the details correctly. The username and password must be entered as they appear including any case sensitive characters. 

I checked and double checked, but my username or password still aren't working?

If you cannot access the system, please contact us on

Why do I need to check the progress of my son/daughter? 

It helps us, to help you to help your son or daughter. An active Parent/Guardian is extremely beneficial in ensuring your son or daughter attends their classes and gets the most out of the opportunities available to them. 

My son or daughters' attendance is not what I expected. Who do I talk to? 

Please come to the Parents evening or book an appointment with your son or daughters' tutor using the contact details we sent you recently.

The photograph of my son or daughter is not correct?

The lighting isn't the best when we take ID card photographs, and the way our system manipulates the image can cause concern. However, we can assure you that the photograph is correct. If you are still in doubt, please contact our Admin team by emailing

I've logged in. Why do you want my contact details?

It is essential that we have an up to date record of your contact details so we can correspond with you and in case of emergency. We will never give these details to anybody outside of the College. The details will be removed from our systems after your son or daughter has finish their course.

You sent me a letter, why do I need to enter them again?

It is in case they are not correct and to verify your details.