Sports Hall & Gym

Paddington Green Campus features a beautiful, naturally lit sportshall and accompanying fitness suite.

The Sportshall at Paddington Green Campus

The 600m2 beech-panelled Sports Hall is built to Sport England specifications and can be used for a wide range of activities. It features six floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking St Mary’s Gardens (which can be closed off with shutters). Retractable floor-to-ceiling nets enable the space to be divided into four courts for training or competitive events. There is a high quality Gym/Fitness Suite on the second floor overlooking the Hall which has state of the art equipment.

The Gym at Paddington Green Campus

If you would like to discuss organising your event with us, please send your request to Events and Lettings Manager Lerease Sweeney on 020 7258 5599 or email She will be happy to arrange a meeting and guided tour of our facilities.