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End of Year Art, Design and Photography Exhibition


‘Manifestation’, an annual Art, Design and Photography show which is hosted by City of Westminster College, ran from Thursday 15th June to Friday 23rd June, last week. The exhibition allows students to showcase their finest work for the final time this year. Students from all levels - from Level 1 up to HNC, displayed their best work on the ground floor in the Paddington Green Campus, to give visitors, other students as well as our members of staff an​ unmissable opportunity to see the talent and creative output of our students. It is a celebration of the student’s achievements and allows them to work with other students from different courses, receive some feedback and let their work be admired.

 Hazel Dance, a Lecturer in the Creative Industries said, “ Our students have worked tremendously hard to make this exhibition the best it can be. Level 2 Art & Design group B, looked at really insightful work such as: feminism, social issues, radicalization, politics and women in society.  This was a big challenge for them as they are the first Level 2 group to cover such topics.  All of the students have done an excellent job and should be proud of their work. “


 Art & Design Exhibition





 End of Year Show 'Manifestation'




City of Westminster College, Paddington Green Campus


Private View (Invitation only): Tuesday 15th June


Public Viewing: Friday 16th June – Friday 23rd June