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CWC Sport Student Shanelle is a Muay Thai Champion

CWC sport student Shanelle is excelling in both her studies and her sport, Muay Thai. Alongside her college work, she has won multiple titles in Muay Thai, including three World titles. Since being introduced to the sport at the age of 9 by her brother who practised Muay Thai, she has been training regularly to reach her goals. Balancing College and her passion is not always easy, attending College 4 days a week and training 2 times a week can have its challenges. At the age of 11, Shanelle gained three World titles, one in Turkey and two in Germany.

Which titles do you hold?

Currently, I hold 1 English, 2 British, 1 Super league, 1 Midlands, 1 IKF Southern and 3 World titles including the: IFMA, K1 and Muay Thai titles.

What are your plans for the future?

My main goal is to hopefully reach the Olympics, as Muay Thai has been recognised last year as a contender for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I am working my way towards that. I also want to achieve a professional contract with either a prestigious Thailand gym such as Benchmark or a professional organisation such as Yokkao.

One of my main obstacles is balancing Muay Thai, college and work. I work to fund the travel expenses mainly because the sport doesn’t have a big budget so, many affiliations require you to reach in your own pocket. The other obstacle is that my schedule is really tight finding time to train. I train twice a week and also have to fit in college assignments into my free time. Most of the time I have to do my work on the train to and from competitions.

I would recommend Muay Thai to everyone at any level. You can participate from novice to A-class, so there’s something for everyone. All of the bigger bouts are controlled and safe. Most people use Muay Thai as fitness training as how demanding it is. It also gives you a sense of discipline and control over your body which many sports don’t give.