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Blended learning at City of Westminster College

For the second year running, blended learning has been implemented into our Level 2 UAL courses with successful results, with 8 out of 20 students, reaching a distinction grade in 2017.

At City of Westminster College, we have embedded blended learning into the UAL Level 2 provision of study, where Level 3 Fine Art students are mentoring the Level 2 fine arts students. Blended learning involves peer assessment, guided practical support and demonstration, tutorials from internal level 3 students (who were on the level 2 course last year) and supportive feedback.  This has the potential to enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency of meaningful learning experiences across different levels.

Learners can become more independent, take more control of how, when and where they study and develop the work capabilities they will need in the future.

Student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with students saying they have really enjoyed the sessions and now feel more confident and independent with their work having received peer guidance from Level 3 students.