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A big thank you to Rachel Whiteread for donating books to our students


Level 3 UAL Diploma Fine Arts students would like to thank Rachel Whiteread for donating books on sculpting which have inspired and helped them with their assignment. The students are approaching the finalisation of their Gravity brief based on the theme of push, pull and pause. Exploring elements of change and the ephemeral within 2D and 3D problem solving.

In appreciation of the donation, we asked our Level 3 UAL Fine Arts students how Rachel Whiteread has inspired them.

“I’ve never been interested in sculptures that didn't have colour to them, so at first glance, I didn't think some of Whiteread's sculptures stood out. I think I just had the mindset that all art had to look aesthetically pleasing, but it was Whiteread that inspired me to view art in a different way. I like how she focuses on the parts of society that nobody ever really focuses on, like the harsh truth of growing up and living by yourself; and homelessness. She persisted through all the negative critiques about her work (such as 'House') and managed to become the first woman to win the Turner Prize despite all the negativity that was thrown her way. My favourite piece by Rachel Whiteread is her 'Black Books' (1997), because I like how a normal, everyday asset to the home can be turned into an emotion” said Kirsty Atek, Level 3 UAL Fine Arts student.

Level 3 UAL Fine Arts student Maria Luiza Ferreira Marques Dos Santos, said “Whiteread’s sculptures have inspired my wax casting and the way I want to manipulate materials.  Initially, sculpture was a challenge for me but, I have now developed new skills in casting and now it’s my favourite technique and process – I love working with my hands and the tactile qualities within wax, sand, cement and plaster “​