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Pollution, the Environment and You

  • Fee
  • Duration of course 6 Weeks
  • Course type Short Course
  • This course is suitable for Adults
Politicians, the media and the public are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of pollution on our environment, and particularly on our health.  Most of us have no control over the air we breathe, what we eat and the industry at the end of our road. This lack of control can be worrying and with research being especially complex, it can be easily misunderstood by us and the media.  How can we see the real cost to our health, when there is so much conflicting information put out by the media, government and special interest groups?  Who and what should we believe?  Is living in London worse for us than living in the countryside?  From air pollution, to incinerators, to unusual patterns of disease, if you want to know more about the science behind environmental public health and how it is investigated, this is the course for you!


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