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Nature and Nurture – Why We Are Who We Are!

  • Fee
  • Duration of course 10 weeks
  • Course type Short Course
  • This course is suitable for Adults
Have you ever wondered what is inside your cells? Why your hair is brown? Or if current incurable disorders can ever be cured?

This course delves into the evidence that science currently has, to explain why there are differences in humans and why, or how, certain characteristics/diseases are inherited, or caused by environmental factors, or both. The course will also look at and apply current research into stem cells and epigenetics, as a future cure for diseases such as cancer and equip you with the knowledge of understanding what makes you.

This is an introductory course and is aimed at anyone interested in Cell Biology. No prior knowledge of the subject is needed. However, you will need a good grasp of English to keep up with the course and to participate fully in discussions. ​

For further information and to apply

Please contact Rosa Mauger on 020 7258 7253 or email​​​​​​​​