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Introduction to Small Business Setup

  • Fee
  • Duration of course 6 Weeks
  • Course type Short Course
  • This course is suitable for Adults

Course Description If you have always wondered what it takes to start a small business venture for creative clothing, accessory or home-ware ideas and would like to convert them into a practical business, this course offers a realistic learning opportunity. Using easily understood business language, this informative Short Course introduces beginners to the exciting world of the entrepreneur and small business setup.


The Course is suitable and ideal for

Those who would like to develop a small business activity, part-time or full-time from home.

Those who may have a product or service and wish to sell in a variety of retail environments including online, general retail and market stall scenarios.


Materials Required Notepad, pens, IPad or Laptop, Internet access, phone camera.


Pre-requisites None – only a wish to start your own fashion or home-wares business and with sound advice and knowledge, to develop your venture.


Course Outcome This course includes basic market-place research activities that contribute directly to planning for various retail environments. All relevant course notes will be provided and participants will gain understanding to apply knowledge for future planning. This course may be considered a practical advantage, after Fashion Design studies.



Biography: ­Mark R Reid


As industry and academic consultant, Mark has a particular interest in mentoring ideas for small business ventures. Incorporating strong promotion and marketing skills, he has developed working relationships with highly respected Universities and MFD Incubator.


An enthusiastic instructor, he is delighted to share 30 years of industry and market knowledge with those who share a passion for learning and developing new ideas.