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Digital Animation

  • Fee
  • Duration of course 6 Weeks
  • Course type Short Course
  • This course is suitable for Adults
Digital Animation

What is the course about?
This course will introduce you to animation using FLASH where you will be able to experiment with techniques of drawn and cut-out animation.
What will we cover?
This course will enable you to learn the basic skills and techniques in creating animated sequences using Flash. This will include using the drawing tools to create drawn animations, using symbols and different forms of Tweening to transform images. You will also be learning how to sync sound and export your final animated movie.
By the end of this course you should be able to:
  • Use the drawing tools in Flash
  • Create drawn animations using key frames
  • Create animations using shape Tweening to animate changes in shape
  • Create animations using motion Tweening to animate transformations
  • Import sound and synch sound to animation in Flash
  • Export animated sequences as QuickTime movies.