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Acting for Beginners

  • Fee
  • Duration of course 6 weeks
  • Course type Short Course
  • This course is suitable for Adults

Acting for Beginners
A practical acting course created for those with little or no acting experience. Using a range of acting exercises and games, we will explore some of the fundamental and essential acting skills in areas such as; improvisation, creating characters, rehearsing with text and developing your voice and body.
You will have the opportunity to build your confidence and communication skills, develop your imagination and lose your inhibitions in a fun, safe and supportive group environment.
Week 1  
Introductions and group building exercises
Creating a supportive environment. 
Acting exercises and drama games to free the imagination, develop spontaneity and build confidence - develop a sense of play.
Exercises looking at ways to strengthen the voice and find a physical presence.
Explore some aspects of stage craft and stage performance.
Week 2
Building on the previous week, students will learn how to focus their techniques.
Using improvisation tools and exercises to explore fundamentals such as ‘circumstance,’  wants and environment.
Students will also continue to work towards developing vocal confidence.
Week 3
From the physical larger than life, to the more meaningful, truthful characters, participants will develop their skills by exploring a range of character building techniques and exercises.
Week 4
Participants will deepen their character building skills by looking at:
Physicality, inner and outer characteristics and how to build relationships that lead to truthful and instinctive interactions.
Week 5
Ways into text
Students will explore techniques for script analysis and how to break down text to reveal sub-text, character and relationship dynamics.
Week 6
Students will rehearse and perform a 'work in progress', sharing some of their work for each other in the studio.
They will have the opportunity to tie in all of the work that they have done throughout the course and apply it to their chosen text / or improvisation.




David Baker is an experienced actor, director, acting tutor and drama practitioner with over twenty years’ experience of working professionally in film, theatre and Radio and Television. He was an Artistic Associate and Director of Creative Learning at Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith and has also taught acting for Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Education Service and for companies such as Act-Up. 


For further information call 020 7258 7253 or email​​