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Beginners French

  • Fee
  • Duration of course 10 weeks
  • Course type Short Course
  • This course is suitable for Adults
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The aim of this course is to give students the tools to communicate in everyday situations in France.
Topics are covered through listening, speaking, reading and writing.


• Formal and informal ways of greeting people
• Introducing yourself. Asking and giving personal information.
• Talking about your family
• Shopping
• Ordering food and drink
• Talking about plans
• Making travel arrangements


• Gender and number of nouns
• Agreement of adjectives
• Definite and indefinite articles
• Prepositions of location
• Present tense of regular and common irregular verbs
• Possessive adjectives
• Near Future tense


Christine Memou is a French Language Teacher with 16 years of experience. She uses a communicative, creative teaching approach and her lessons are tailored according to research and analysis of her student needs, to ensure a safe learning environment for them. 

For further information please email​ or call 020 7258 7253